We are one of the best advertising agencies in Transylvania, which means we know a thing or two about making our customers happy.
If you think we're blowing our own trumpet just check our portfolio: many companies with turnovers of tens of millions of euros have already lent us their trust.
And, as you well know, trust is everything!

Why are we so sure that our clients are happy with our service? Because, with time, they become our friends. They smile when they see us, they come back with new assignments, they sense that our work has changed their image, and they learn why our ideas have improved their business.

To be fair, we didn't really think that something could ever come about either. That's because all sorts of strange things happen in our agency: Dani, the geek who makes sure our website is cool, hides away from everybody at lunchtime so he can savour his food. Liviu, the agency boss, has been on a diet for six months now with no visible effects whatsoever. He swears he has lost quite a few kilos!

Plus, Gabi, our Traffic Manager, can't hit on any female colleagues since his boss has added a penalty clause to his contract, while Christina, the Art Director, treats all those who dare come near her to electric shocks.
And that's not all: there's also Grecu', our Senior Designer, who is usually an alright guy but who, after a few drinks, is convinced he is the nephew of the Romanian philosopher Lucian Blaga!
Otherwise, no big issues. When there are, we sort them out in a five-minute get-together, no more, thereafter we start the party.
And yet, despite these tiny imperfections, when we set our mind to something, we usually come up with an IDEA.